Author Topic: Which witch is which ?  (Read 2899 times)


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Which witch is which ?
« on: January 27, 2010, 04:38:49 pm »
I heard that the cruisers just suck right now. I also heard that escorts can basicly kite everything. What is some feedback from yall who have played beta or beginning of launch on which ship suits what play style ect.


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Re: Which witch is which ?
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2010, 04:49:50 pm »
I enjoyed all 3 types of ships.

Science is most complex to play, with buffing/debuffing and targeted attacks. It's not great dps or hp. It's role is mainly support, so it shines most in group play. Because the job of this ship is to hit, and not necessarily hit hard, I fit beam weapons to my science vessels. Best lightshow, very flashy!

Escort is fast and mean. I spent the most of my effort controlling speed and direction of flight. The purported best fitting of this ship means that you need to aim the nose of your ship at the enemy, so that makes piloting a big job. But, heck, dps is fun, pure and simple.

Cruiser is tough and capable. It's great for soloing. I had a lot of fun in my cruisers. The big objection to them is probably largely based on pvp, where dps is king.
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Re: Which witch is which ?
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2010, 07:55:54 pm »
Well, i was able to take on a +6 battleship and escort in PvE on my science vessle, granted it was no easy task; one false move and i was a goner.   When PvPing on my science vessel i noticed a few things.

1)  If you were the main target of more than 2 people, you were going to die very very quickly
2) Torpedos are not very important, and like suga i had lots of phasers/disruptors.
3)  Your build can really effect how you need to fight.  Im more of a debuffing build (I have no target heals) and i just take down shields/root/slow/confuse other ships ..its great fun

As far as cruisers go, im not really for sure.  I see plenty of them flying around, and i see plenty of them in PvP.

I think if you build your cruiser right you can still pack a punch.  Im thinking if you get Boarding Parties on your cruiser and stuff that can take an enemies systems offline, then you can really cripple the enemy.   When boarding parties attacked my science vessel, they pretty much disabled my movement, attack, and shields in just a few seconds and it lasted a few minutes before i got everything up and running again (brutal)